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Le Domaine

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  • The Château de Ribourdin and the village of Chevannes
  • The castle
  • East Facade of the bed and breakfast of Château de Ribourdin
  • Façade Ouest des Chambres d'Hôtes
  • The entry of our bed and breakfast of Château de Ribourdin
  •  Flowerbeds at Castle Ribourdin: Charming Guest houses
  • West facade Castle Ribourdin
  • Château de Ribourdin, Guest House in Burgundy
  • Autonme at the Castle Ribourdin

You can find the Château de Ribourdin setted up in a valley between the Chevannes and Vallan villages, at 7 km from Auxerre.

Isolated and placed in the middle of the fields, our Bed & Breakfast of Château de Ribourdin offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside and offers calm and tranquillity, main things to revitalize you.

You could walk across the domain to discover the old lordly dwelling, the dovecot, the runlet of Ribourdin, a vestige of the old moat, the garden and the family orchard.

At the end of the day, during a small tasting of a good Burgundy wine, comfortably installed in one of the garden rooms at your disposal, you will enjoy a privileged view of the village's church, and beautiful sunsets.

You could also take a walk through the charming village of Chevannes, located at 500 meters and visiting the castles and fortified houses that surround it. 

You will find in Chevannes small businesses such as Supermarket, Bakery, Café...


The garden

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  • Le Jardin
  • The garden of Château de Ribourdin, in Yonne
  • The garden of Castle Ribourdin : B&B near Guedelon
  •  A nice view of the Church of Chevannes from our Guest House Castle Ribourdin
  • Collections d'Asters en fleurs
  • Ribourdin Castle, Guest house at 7km of Auxerre
  • La piscine et le jardin de notre Maison d'Hôtes de Charme
  • The garden and the countryside
  • Le jardin du Château de Ribourdin, Chambres d'hôtes à 7km d'Auxerre
  • Harvests around the Castle of Ribourdin

Flowery and maintained by us, the garden of our house Charming Bed and Breakfast of the Château de Ribourdin has been rewarded several times during flowering departmental competitions.

Surrounded by a hedge of arbours, it will offer you unforgettable moments of peace and relaxation, near flowerbeds or in the shade of trees.

You will pass the small bridge which steps over the Ru of Ribourdin and leads to the orchard where Marie-Claude harvests fruits to make delicious jams, and to the familial garden.

As soon as the first sun rays, near the family pool or around the garden, you will relax in the deck-chairs, chairs or on benches which are waiting for you.

(Watch a funny video on the size of topiary)


The Swimming-pool

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  • The swimming of our bed and breakfast in Burgundy
  • The swimming-pool and the garden of our bed and breakfast, Château de Ribourdin
  • The swimming-pool and the garden of the Ribourdin Castle, Charming bed and Breakfast in Yonne
  • The pool of Ribourdin Castle : Guest House in Burgundy
  • Countryside around Ribourdin Castle

Our beautiful department of Yonne offers many opportunities for visits, activities and excursions but to relax in the calm and the pool's edges can become an activity in itself.

Facing south and secluded from view, the pool of the Charming Bed and Breakfast of the Château de Ribourdin is an invitation to idleness and relaxation.

With an unobstructed view of the countryside and the Castle, you will enjoy the sun. On the wide beach around the pool, you will be comfortably stretched out in chairs and sun beds at your disposal.